Are Tom Felton And Emma Watson Dating?

Are Emma Watson and Tom Felton a couple?

However, they have not become a couple.

Regardless of what happens, these two are giving fans hope that the Harry Potter cast still hang out with each other.

Here is everything we know about Tom Felton and Emma Watson’s relationship..

Are Emma Watson and Tom Felton together 2020?

Emma Watson and Tom Felton relationship It’s possible that Emma Watson and Tom Felton are in a relationship. However, they both did announce themselves as being ‘self-partnered’ in 2019. To throw some more confusion into the mix, The Sun reported that Emma was dating businessman Leo Robinton in April 2020.

Does Emma Watson Have a Boyfriend 2020?

Emma Watson was spotted with her boyfriend, Leo Robinton, on a London coffee date earlier this week. Watson and Robinton have been dating for at least a year. The couple were first photographed together in October 2019.

Who is Daniel Radcliffe dating right now?

actress Erin DarkeAnd Daniel Radcliffe is quarantining in New York with his girlfriend of nearly eight years, actress Erin Darke.

Does Emma Watson have a tattoo?

Emma Watson does not have any permanent tattoos. However, she has been known to sport temporary tattoos quite frequently. From a fake tattoo at the Glastonbury Festival in 2010 to her “time’s up” tattoo that had a typo, Watson is not shy about using tattoos to get a message across.

Who is Radcliffe crush?

Radcliffe also told BuzzFeed that he “was infatuated with Kirsten Dunst” after he saw her in “Get Over It” and “Spider-Man.”

Does Hermione die?

Of the three main characters in the Harry Potter universe, Hermione has to be the most important. … On April 16, Hermione is attacked by a mountain troll in Hogwarts. Harry and Fred and George Weasley come help her. They fight and kill the troll but Hermione dies of her injuries.

Who is Daniel Radcliffe’s best friend?

Emma WatsonIn the movies, both Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, who play Harry and Hermione, have the best friendship that’s basically hashtag-goals for anyone who watched.

Who is Emma Watson dating Tom Felton?

Last spring, the U.S. Sun confirmed that Leo Robinton, a 30-year-old businessman from Los Angeles, had officially won her heart. The pair have been dating since October 2019 and show no signs of slowing down.

Is Emma Watson in a relationship?

The Little Women actress, 30, is currently seeing Los Angeles businessman Leo Robinton, and their relationship has gotten really “serious.” The two were first spotted making out in London back in October 2019, but the identity of Emma’s new beau remained a secret until now.

Did Hermione kiss Draco?

One day, Draco decides to erase Hermione’s memories. … During the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione and Draco reunite on the room of requirement. That’s a symbolic place for them cause that’s where they exchanged their first kiss, that’s why Hermione recovers her memories but it’s too late since she’s already with Ron.

Who is Daniel Radcliffe’s wife?

Erin DarkeErin DarkeOccupationActressYears active2009–presentPartner(s)Daniel Radcliffe (2013–present)

Who is Draco dating?

Pansy ParkinsonDraco dated Pansy Parkinson during Hogwarts. In the book Cursed Child, he marries Astoria Greengrass, and this information as many of this book makes no sense.

Who is Tom Felton’s best friend?

Are Emma Watson And Tom Felton Best Friends? Here’s What We Know9 They’re Both Single (or ‘Self Partnered’)10 They Have Friend Hangs at the Beach. … 11 He Didn’t Feel The Same. … 12 He Was Her First Crush. … 13 Tom Helped Emma Deal With Fame. … 14 Their Selfie Game is Real. … 15 They Were Close on the HP Set. … More items…•

Are Tom Felton and Emma Watson friends?

For example, though in the films Draco Malfoy and Hermione Grainger are arch nemeses, IRL Tom Felton and Emma Watson are great friends with the most recent reunion involving a guitar and some pyjamas.

Are Hermione and Draco dating in real life?

There’s Photo Evidence Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy Are Dating in Real Life. … And it’s only because the thought of these two characters together just made no sense whatsoever: Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy.

Who got paid the most in Harry Potter?

Emma WatsonEmma Watson, who brought Hermione to life, is the actress who made the most coin from the Harry Potter series. According to reports the eight-film franchise earned Watson something in the region of $26 million (£20m).

What does Emma Watson do now?

Emma has engaged in Black Lives Matter advocacy during the quarantine period. Over the past few years, Emma has engaged in plenty of activism. In 2014, she launched the HeforShe campaign and became a UN Women Goodwill ambassador.