How Do You Say At Your Convenience?

How do you provide customer convenience?

4 Ways to Improve Customer ConvenienceTry the 1-2-3 Method.

There’s power in the number three.

Be Reachable Via Multiple Touchpoints.

Do Research for the Customer.

Eliminate Friction at Checkout..

Can you call me at your convenience?

You can call me at your convenience– anytime, day or night. As for may vs. can, may isprobably the more correct word to use (at least in a more formalsense), but can might sound more friendly in informalcontexts. But you could say the sentence without usingeither one: Call me any time it’sconvenient.

What is a convenience relationship?

A relationship of convenience can also be because two people don’t want to be alone. They don’t necessarily want to be together in the long term, but right now, they want someone to be able to do regular relationship things with, like going out and sexual fulfillment.

Is for your convenience rude?

No, saying “at your convenience” is generally understood to be a polite way of saying that you recognize that the other person is very busy, and so asking them to choose a time for a meeting instead of you selecting a time.

What does being a convenience mean?

The definition of convenience is the state of being able to do something easily with little effort and no hindrances. An example of a convenience is the microwave, which makes it easier and more effortless to heat up food. … Services that promote the customer’s convenience.

How do you use at your earliest convenience in a sentence?

at your earliest convenience in a sentencePlease investigate and take action as deemed necessary, at your earliest convenience.And please return the book back to me at your earliest convenience.I would like to schedule a sit-down at your earliest convenience.Please call the doctor’s office at your earliest convenience .”More items…

Is it OK to be in a relationship of convenience?

For some, being in a relationship of convenience is perfectly fine for where they’re at in life. … There’s nothing wrong with being in a relationship for convenience. As couples therapist, Teresa Solomita, LCSW-R, tells Bustle, “It is a perfectly legitimate relationship to have in the difficult world we live in.”

How do you tell if you are just a convenience?

Here Are 12 Ways to Know You’re Being UsedThey only call you for last-minute dates. … They want intimacy with you, but with no exclusive commitment. … They ask you to do favours for them all of the time, but never do favours for you if and when you ask in return. … They never do anything romantic with you.More items…•

A marriage of convenience is defined as a relationship that is entered into primarily for the purposes of immigration, and therefore is not genuine. Visa officers have a number of tools at their disposal to detect marriage fraud, including document checklists, interviews, and home visits.

Is it polite to say at your earliest convenience?

At your earliest convenience Although there’s nothing wrong with this phrase, it might actually be too polite, or at least too open-ended. Although you could use softer, less jaron-laden language like “whenever you have time” or “as soon as you’re able”, once again, we prefer specificity.

How do you use your convenience?

I am confident that I possess all the necessary qualifications for the position and am ready to meet with you at your convenience. Someone is always there to sign for your packages, which you then pick up at your convenience.

Why is convenience so important?

A different study, conducted in 2007, determined that convenience was the most important deciding factor for those who shop online. … They are far more likely to shop where it is convenient to do so than to go out of their way to shop with you, no matter how much they like your store, your products, or you as a person.

How do you use convenience in a sentence?

The house has every modern convenience.Ready meals sell well because of their convenience.The position of the house combines quietness and convenience.We bought this house for its convenience.A guest should suit the convenience of the host. … I rely too much on convenience food.Please come at your convenience.More items…•

How do you say I’m available anytime?

When Is Anytime One Word? You can write anytime as one word or as two words when you are using it as an adverb. I am available anytime if you’d like me to help you with your novel.

What is a convenience good?

consumer-goods marketing In marketing: Convenience goods. Convenience goods are those that the customer purchases frequently, immediately, and with minimum effort. Soaps and newspapers are considered convenience goods, as are common staples like ketchup or pasta.

Is at your convenience polite?

It is polite and quite formal to say “at your convenience”, “when it is convenient for you”, or more informally “when it suits you”. This phrase can mean “when it is suitable for you”, but is never said.

Do it on your convenience?

at one’s convenience Whenever one wishes; also, as soon as one can. For example, Pick up the car any time, at your convenience, or We need that drawing very soon, so please finish it at your earliest convenience. The use of convenience in the sense of “ease” or “absence of trouble” dates from about 1700.

What can I say instead of ASAP?

Alternatives to ASAPAs soon as possible, or _____. Use this to say that something’s urgent, but can wait until a specific deadline if necessary. … Promptly. This one can serve as a nudge by suggesting the recipient has been less than prompt. … At your earliest convenience. … Whenever you’re able.

How do you say as soon as possible in a polite way?

The abbreviated asap is very common in business emails and is accompanied with a ‘Please’ to convey the sense of polite urgency. Please finish this task asap. One alternative to asap is at the earliest. Please finish this task as soon as possible at the earliest.

What does at your convenience mean?

Whenever one wishes; also, as soon as one can. For example, Pick up the car any time, at your convenience, or We need that drawing very soon, so please finish it at your earliest convenience. The use of convenience in the sense of “ease” or “absence of trouble” dates from about 1700.

Why do customers want convenience?

Some businesses view customer convenience as “making it slightly easier” to buy their products or to do business with them. … Customers want ultimate ease of purchase in all parts of the buying continuum – not just the main transaction or point of sale.