Question: How Do You Use Abominable In A Sentence?

What is an example of an abomination?

Abomination is defined as something or someone that is hated.

An example of abomination is a serial killer.

An abominating; great hatred and disgust; loathing..

What is another word for abominable?

SYNONYMS FOR abominable 1 abhorrent, horrible, revolting, foul. 2 miserable.

How do you use something in a sentence?

Something sentence examplesThere was certainly something in it. … “I have something to tell you,” he said. … You should do something about the problem. … When Dulce stopped talking, he said something and turned, walking away from her. … “You think so?” rejoined Anna Pavlovna in order to say something and get away to attend to her duties as hostess.More items…

How do you use abomination?

In the Old and New Testaments the dog is spoken of almost with abhorrence; it ranked amongst the unclean beasts: traffic in it was considered as an abomination, and it was forbidden to he offered in the sanctuary in the discharge of any vow. He thinks “PJ’s are an abomination” and prefers to sleep in the nude.

What does absolutist mean?

Absolutism, the political doctrine and practice of unlimited centralized authority and absolute sovereignty, as vested especially in a monarch or dictator.

What does incense mean?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1 : material used to produce a fragrant odor when burned. 2 : the perfume exhaled from some spices and gums when burned broadly : a pleasing scent. 3 : pleasing attention : flattery.

What is interrogative and declarative?

A sentence that tells something is a declarative sentence. A declarative sentence ends with a period. A sentence that asks a question is an interrogative sentence. An interrogative sentence ends with a question mark.

What does revolution mean?

2a : a sudden, radical, or complete change. b : a fundamental change in political organization especially : the overthrow or renunciation of one government or ruler and the substitution of another by the governed. c : activity or movement designed to effect fundamental changes in the socioeconomic situation.

What do you mean by abominable?

1 formal : worthy of or causing disgust or hatred : detestable the abominable treatment of the poor an abominable crime. 2 : very bad or unpleasant abominable weather. Other Words from abominable Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about abominable.

What God says about abomination?

The 17th century translation of the Bible known as the King James Version (KJV) translates the Hebrew text of Leviticus 18:22 in this way: “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” The term translated as “abomination” is the Hebrew expression תֹּועֵבָה (tō’ē’bā, a noun which may be …

What does the Abominable Snowman mean?

Tibetan YetiAbominable Snowman, Tibetan Yeti, mythical monster resembling a large, hairy, apelike being supposed to inhabit the Himalayas at about the level of the snow line. Though reports of actual sightings of such a creature are rare, certain mysterious markings in the snow have traditionally been attributed to it.

What does abominable fancies mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The term “abominable fancy” was first used by Frederic Farrar for the long-standing Christian idea that the eternal punishment of the damned in Hell would entertain the saved. According to Philip C.