Question: How Do You Use The Word In Case?

What is another word for in case?

What is another word for in case?ifin the eventjust in caselestwhether or nowhether or notbeforefor fear thatto preventin order to avoid2 more rows.

What is mean by in case?

phrase. You use in case in expressions like ‘in case you didn’t know’ or ‘in case you’ve forgotten’ when you are telling someone in a rather irritated way something that you think is either obvious or none of their business.

What is the difference between in case and in case of?

These two expressions are very similar, they both basically mean if something happens. The main difference in use is grammatical. The meaning of these two sentences is the same.

Is in case formal?

Only context can tell. You can make it more formal immediately by simply omitting just: I have also attached the original in case you need it. You can make it more formal than that by not referring to you.

Should in case or in case?

In a few of those emails, the writers asked whether my use of “should in case,” in that article was grammatically correct. The answer is no; “should in case” is not at all grammatically correct. Had I wanted to follow the rules, I would have used only “should” or only “in case”—one or the other, but not both.

When we use of in a sentence?

We use of when we want to show that people or things relate to other things or people. For example, when we want to say that something or someone belongs to or is a part of something or someone else, we can do it like this: Tiffany stared at the floor of her room.

How do you say just in case professionally?

just in case / synonymsjust to be a the event on the safe case.just to be on the safe the the event that something happens.More items…

What can I use instead of in order to?

What is another word for in order to?toso as toas a means tofor the purpose ofthat one maythat it would be possible towith the aim ofin order to achieveso as to achievefor10 more rows

What is a synonym for for example?

other words for for example e.g. for instance. such as. like.

How do you use in case?

We use in case to express that we are doing something in preparation for something which might happen. Take an umbrella in case it rains! I’ll buy some more wine in case this bottle is not enough. We use in case of to say what we should do if or when something happens.

Which tense is used after in case?

The author mentioned the use of 2 tenses(present and past) with “in case”: Do not use will after “in case”. Use a present tense for the future. You can use in case + past to say why somebody did something.

What does just in case mean?

phrase. You can say that you are doing something just in case to refer vaguely to the possibility that a thing might happen or be true, without saying exactly what it is.

Can you start a sentence with in case?

ATTENTION: We can use ” in case of “ at the beginning of a sentence with a noun.

How do you use incase in a sentence?

Incase sentence examplesWhen shopping online be sure to choose a store with a return policy incase the item does not fit. … Still, do a comparable search at other sites incase someone else has it cheaper. … Incase: If variety is important to you, then Incase should be your first stop. … incase anyone hasn’t noticed them yet! … incase of color run ).More items…

Is if in case correct?

The phrase in case, when used to mean if something happens, should remain two words. Even better yet, you should shorten it to if or when whenever possible.