Question: What Does Rattrap Symbolize?

What is the message of the story the Rattrap?

The theme of the story is that most human beings are prone to fall into the trap of material benefit.

However, every human being has an essential goodness that can be awakened through understanding and love.

A human being has the tendency to redeem himself from dishonest ways..

What does the Rattrap offer to anyone?

It offered riches and joys, shelter and food, heat and clothing, exactly as the rattrap offered cheese and pork, and as soon as anyone let himself be tempted to touch the bait, it closed in on him, and then everything came to an end.

Why has this world been seen as a Rattrap in the story?

He suddenly thought that the whole world about him was nothing but a rattrap. Its land, cities, and villages existed only to set baits for the people. It offered riches, joys, shelter, food, heat and clothing etc. as the rattrap offered cheese and pork for the rats.

What is the theme of the lesson Rattrap?

Loneliness and Companionship. Connected to the themes of kindness and trust, “The Rattrap” also explores the basic human need for companionship and community, and shows the negative effects of loneliness, whether as a result of poverty, cynicism, or unkindness.

What lightens the seriousness of the lesson Rattrap?

He makes the ironmaster laugh with his metaphor of the rattrap. His letter with the Christmas present to Edla is a fine example of his capacity to make others laugh at him. Thus, he lightens the seriousness of the theme of the story and also endears himself to us.

Why does the Rattrap seller call this world a trap?

Ans: He got the idea that the whole world was only a big trap. It sets baits for people exactly as the rattrap offered cheese and pork. It offered riches and joys, shelter and food, heat and clothing as baits. It closed on the person who let himself be tempted to touch the bait.

How does the metaphor of Rattrap?

The metaphor of the rattrap signifies that the world exists only to trap people by setting baits for them. Whenever someone is tempted by the luxuries, he ends up being caught in a dangerous trap.

What was the purpose of this Rattrap?

The peddler considered the whole world as a big rattrap, its sole purpose being to set baits for people. The joys and riches of this world are nothing but tempting baits and anyone who is tempted by them was captured by the rattrap which completely closed in on him.

How did the Rattrap seller make a living?

the pedller makes his living by selling rattraps of wire. he used to get materials from big stores by begging or even stealing. he is a vagabond[-a person who moves from one place to another.]

Is the title of the story the Rattrap justified?

Justification Of The Title- “The Rattrap” is an appropriate title as it is the story of a rattrap peddler. The author has used the metaphor of a Rattrap to highlight the human predicament. Just as a rat is fooled by bait and gets trapped, most human beings also fall into the trap of material benefits.

What made the peddler finally change his heart?

He had no friend to steer him on the right path. Though the crofter was hospitable to him and even the ironmaster had almost offered him help, they failed to leave any impact on him. It was Edla who, through her genuine care and understanding, was finally able to change the peddler for the better.

How does the story Rattrap highlight the importance?

The rattrap maker meets a kind hearted woman who treats him with generosity and her benevolent act helps him realise that there is good in this world and he should also spread optimism which also conveys the message of spending time together with other people instead of depriving ourselves from social attachments.