Question: What Does Swaggle Mean?

Is Jago a Cornish name?

Jago Origin and Meaning The name Jago is a boy’s name of Spanish, Cornish origin meaning “supplanter”..

What does Chy mean in Cornish?

chy m (plural treven or chiow) (Standard Cornish) house.

What does mosing mean?

To move in a leisurely, relaxed way; saunter: moseyed over to the club after lunch. 2. To get going; move along.

Where did the term Mosey come from?

The verb mosey is early-1800’s American slang with an uncertain origin. Some experts think it comes from the British slang mose, “to go about in a dull, stupid way,” while others see a connection to the Spanish vamos, or “let us go.”

What does hightailed mean?

intransitive verb. : to move at full speed or rapidly often in making a retreat —usually used with ithightailed it out of there.

Where does high tailing it come from?

: : : : “HIGHTAIL — a slang expression meaning ‘to leave in a great hurry,’ is a Western expression and was originally used to describe the way a herd of mustangs will break and race away when ‘spooked’ or frightened by the approach of cowboys.” From “Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins” by William and Mary …

What is the Cornish word for love?

For instance, the name Kerensa means “love” or the “beloved one”. It is an alternative to the Cornish word “carenz” meaning loving. The word derived from Cornish for love – “car” – which comes from the Latin “cārĭtās” meaning affection, love, esteem and benevolence.

What does Variment mean?

1 : an animal considered a pest specifically : one classed as vermin and unprotected by game law.

How do you say hello in Cornish?

The Cornish LanguageGreetings etc. Hello – Dydh da. Goodbye – Dyw genes. Please – Mar pleg. Thank you – Meur ras. … Colours. white – gwynn. yellow – melyn. orange – rudhvelyn. pink – gwynnrudh. … Animals. bird – edhen. cat – kath. crow – bran. fish – pysk. … Places. beach – treth. castle – kastell or dinas. cave – fow, gogo, kav or mogow. church – eglos.

What does billowing mean?

1 : to rise or roll in waves or surges the billowing sea. 2 : to bulge or swell out (as through action of the wind) billowing clouds …

What is Swaggle?

Swaggle is a mobile marketplace targeting the men’s high-end fashion resale industry. Our platform helps consumers to find quality men’s wear with ease and helps fashion resale sellers to expand market reach and gain business insights.

What does mosey along mean?

to go awayinformal. : to go away : to leave I’m finished here, so I’ll just mosey along now.

What do Cornish Call tourists?

“Emmet” (also: emet, emmit, emit) is what us Cornish call tourists who flock here in the summer months. Literally it means ant, but it’s been adapted to describe holidaymakers because they only come in the summer and run away when it rains.

What does go on mean?

1. phrasal verb. If you go on doing something, or go on with an activity, you continue to do it.

What does Hornswoggle mean?

transitive verb. slang. : to trick or deceive (someone) : bamboozle, hoax … trying to avoid getting hornswoggled by advertising claims …—

What does geddon mean in slang?

English: Hello, friend. Commonly used as an affectionate way to greet a friend, ‘geddon’ more or less just means hello, and ‘bewty’ (pronounced boo-dee) is another term for friend. ‘Bewty’ can also be substituted with ‘ansum,’ meaning handsome. Person 1: “Geddon me bewty!”

What do the Cornish call the English?

Emmet (Cornish) – Wikipedia.