Quick Answer: Can I Join TCS Again?

Can I leave TCS after ILP?

Few things I would like to share, there is no leave allowed in TCS during ILP.

Maximum you can avail sick leave without permission but after then you have to apply for sick leave with some hearings from Admin and HR.

If you are absent for two consecutive days you have to give medical certificate also..

What happens if I don’t join after accepting offer?

There is no illegality if you do not join after accepting a job offer , subject to the condition that you have not accepted any joining bonus. But, when someone accepts a job offer, the offering company closes the process of recruitment for that particular post. They will be intimating the hiring agency.

Is TCS interview tough?

In the technical interview round, one can expect questions on any topic. Those with clear basics can easily crack the round. … Candidates can prepare commonly asked HR interview questions and answers to crack this round. Note: Eligibility to sit for TCS placement interview is tough.

Can I reapply after being rejected?

And one common question that job seekers have is: Is it okay to reapply for a position with a company after being rejected? The answer, in short, is: Yes! A rejection shouldn’t deter you from giving it another go, even when it comes to a company that previously rejected you.

How can I get selected in TCS?

TCS Campus Selection Process: All you need to know aboutApplication & eligibility. Recruitment through the campus recruitment channel is among the easiest ways to find employment with TCS since you are only competing against your peers.Email Writing. … Analytical Reasoning. … Programming Language Efficiency. … Coding Test. … Personal Interviews. … Technical Round. … Managerial Round.More items…

Is TCS rehiring?

That is why TCS stopped rehiring. 2nd thing is, if someone is rehired means his or salary gonna be twice than other who was from same batch and experience but never switched. TCS gave them a loyality reward by stopping rehiring. Its a good move because there should not be any place for corruption.

Can I attend TCS interview twice in 6 months?

Yes, there is a restriction of attending only once in TCS in first 6 months.. -> But some use to attend more than once within 6 months, the problem is if they come to know about that then there will be a huge consequences..

Is there any bond in TCS?

So, TCS has changed their bond period on 26th April 2017. And Now there is one year bond for freshers. This is applicable to all those who have joined TCS after 1st April 2015. Also, during the Interview HR will tell you about this.

Can I join TCS after rejecting offer?

It’s completely legal if you don’t want to join TCS even after accepting the offer as you are not yet employed to the organization.

Can we resign while on sabbatical leave in TCS?

Can we resign while on sabbatical leave in TCS? … You can always resign when you are in sabbatical.

Do TCS fire employees?

No Employee Will Be Fired Taking a strong and bold stand during a possible recession due to coronavirus, TCS has declared that none of their 4.5 lakh employees will be fired in 2020.

Does TCS have work from home?

TCS briskly moved 90% of its workforce to work from home through its operating model called Secure Borderless Work Spaces (SBWS) … The company has now planned to move 75 per cent or 4.48 lakh of global its workforce (including 3.5 lakh in India) to work from home permanently by 2025.

Is TCS a call center?

TCS offers a scalable, cloud-based contact-center platform that leverages omnichannel technologies to simplify the understanding, processing and resolution of customer queries.

Is it possible to join TCS again?

It is not possible to join TCS back again. As it has recently stated that ‘TCS will not hire it’s ex-employees’. And also they will not be able to get back to any TATA group either.

Will TCS layoff employees?

TCS Not To Lay Off Employees Amid Covid-19 Lockdowns, Freezes Salary Hikes. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. will not effect any layoffs due to coronavirus lockdowns nor will it give any salary hikes this year, India’s largest software services exporter said while announcing its March quarter results on Thursday.