Quick Answer: Should I Put My Nickname On My Business Card?

What makes a business card stand out?

Shape/Size: Using a non-standard shape and size for your business card.

This, along with the weight, will make it stand out among other cards.

Personalization: Leaving some white space on your business card is very important.

This leaves space to write a personal note..

Are Square business cards annoying?

Others carry outsize square cards or tiny ones barely larger than a stick of gum. While oddball cards may make a strong impression, they also risk annoying recipients if they can’t be scanned easily or won’t fit into a wallet or purse. … They don’t fit well in most people’s wallets or card cases, however.

What should you not put on a business card?

1. Missing obvious contact informationBusiness name.Personal name.Job title/specialization.Business website.Business address.Phone number.Email address.Social media handles.

Is leaving door hangers soliciting?

Canvassing, Solicitation, and Door Hangers Door hanger distribution is completely legal for your business according to the Supreme Court. The law distinguishes between canvassing, which is considered protected speech under the First Amendment, and solicitation, which involves direct sales.

What does it mean when your boss calls you honey?

When you call someone “honey” or “sweetie” you’re telling them you see them as a subordinate, a child, someone who needs benevolent patronage. You should be saying you see them as adults who are competent to do their jobs.

Can your employer call you names?

If you don’t like your boss or your job, go elsewhere. Therefore, as a general rule, your employer can call you derogatory names or foster a hostile work environment. … Certain forms of discrimination at work—which includes being treated badly or harassed—are banned.

Can you legally put business cards in mailboxes?

In the United States it is illegal to place anything in a mailbox other than mail bearing postage or an indicia.

Should business cards be blank on the back?

A caveat of the simplicity rule is that blank doesn’t have to mean blank. An original design or photograph is an excellent way to creatively utilize space on the back of your business card without overloading it. … Aim for 300 dpi or higher so that the design doesn’t appear grainy once it’s printed out.

What should your business card say?

Your business card should include the following:Logo.Company name.Tagline.Your name.Job title.Website.Contact details.

Is it illegal to put business cards on doors?

Place your cards in the doors of local homes – do NOT place them in anyone’s mailbox! Ask a hotel if you can leave your business card in the lobby. There may be out of town guests who need your services! Mail your business cards along with other direct mail pieces to a targeted mailing list.

Are double sided business cards a good idea?

A Business Card with Two Sides May be More Impressive The investment you make into cards with printing on both sides may provide a much better return. One of the biggest reasons to use custom printed business cards is to show your business in the best possible light and make people want to use your company.

Where is the best place to leave business cards?

If you plan to ramp up your marketing efforts, check out these smart places to leave business cards.Past clients. … Malls and food courts. … Relevant books and magazines. … Affiliate businesses. … Public bulletin boards. … Banks and ATMs. … Waiting rooms. … Municipal buildings.More items…•

Are nicknames disrespectful?

asking them if they would prefer if you call them something else. If they give you a nickname to call them instead of their given name, it is not rude.

Are nicknames unprofessional?

Ultimately, no nickname or term of endearment is appropriate at work. … In addition, nicknames and terms of endearment are too familiar and unprofessional.