Quick Answer: What Did Kezia Wish?

Why did the girl say what did God make fathers for?


She said so because she was afraid of her father.

She did not like her father because her father beats her whenever she makes a mistake.

Her father talks to her in a rudely manner..

Why did the little girl compare her father to a giant?

Answer. Answer: She was very afraid of her father and thought him as a giant because he was very rude to Kezia and punished her for every small mistake badly.So she thought him as a giant…

Why did Kezia start feeling lonely?

Answer. Answer: kezia left alone with Alice as kezia’s mother and father were not at home. Her mother was sick and her grand mother take kezia mother to hospital .

How did the little girl feel when her father looked at her from the spectacles?

Answer. Explanation: Kezia was afraid of her father because she always looked at him as someone who scolded her and told her to do things properly and in a certain manner.

Why does Grandfather ask the little girl to make a present for her father?

Ans: Grandmother asked Kezia to make a pin-cushion out of a beautiful piece of yellow silk as a birthday present for Father. She wanted the little girl to present this pin-cushion as a surprise gift and make her father happy. This could possibly bring them both close to each other.

Who was a figure to be feared and avoided for her?

Answer: Kezia’s father was a figure to be feared for Kezia. He used to talk harshly to Kezia. He didn’t play games with her.

Why did the little girl feel that her father had got a big heart?

When Kezia went to her father in her room as her father took her there because she had a nightmare and there her father tried to console her and fell asleep while doing that, she stated that her also have a big heart because then she realized that her father was also like a normal person who wanted some love and care.

How did Kezia develop a soft corner for her father?

So Kezia decided to make a Pin cushion for her father, and had high hopes he would like it. She started of by taking a beautiful piece of yellow silk, stiched them together on three sides with double cotton and left one side open for the stuffing.

Why did the little girl fear and avoid her father?

Answer: Kezia avoided her father because according to her, her father was an emotionless person. He never spoke to Kezia lovingly and calmly. … Kezia stammered in front of her father since he was a very huge and giant like figure far away from the warmth of a father.

What did Kezia regret?

Answer. Answer: kezia felt sorry as first she thought bad about her father. but when her father took her into his arms and made her feel good and showed affection towards her,she felt sorry for thinking her father as a bad guy.

Why did Kezia wish that God should not have made fathers?

Answer: Kezia avoided her father because she was afraid of him. She saw him as a harsh, emotionless person who never spoke to his daughter alfectionately. He reprimanded Kezia for making mistakes.

What changed Kezia perception about her father?

Answer. Explanation: Kezia’s perception of her father underwent a change for the better when her father came to her rescue when she had a nightmare. … That is when she realised that her father was not a cruel giant but a large-hearted, hard-working man who got extremely tired by the end of the day.

Why did the little girl look for scraps?

Kezia’s grandmother asked her to make some surprise gift for the father’s birthday. She wanted to make a nice pin cushion for her father. She wanted to stuff the cushion with some scraps. While searching for scrap she found some pieces of papers strewn on the bed.

How did the father comfort the little girl?

1 Answer. The father came to Kezia’s room with a candle, lifted her up in his strong arms, lay beside her and made her stay close to him. She held his shirt and snuggled herself close to her father. This comforted Kezia when she got scared in her sleep.