Quick Answer: Where Do You Get The Growth Egg In Bravely Default?

Does growth Egg work for whole party?

User Info: Squall2001.

Just one for the whole party, same with Gold 🙂 You can’t use both types of eggs at the same time though and you get no gold for the growth egg and no xp and jp for the gold egg while equipped..

How do I get growth Egg ff6?

The Growth Egg can be purchased in the multiplayer shops in Arbor and Horne for 1000 points, or found in a chest inside the Sun Temple.

How do you make your eggs grow?

The earliest you can get the Growth Egg is the end of Chapter 11. You need to have Stage 9 of the Crystarium unlocked, which occurs after the Chapter 11 end boss, and you need to do Mission 14, to unlock chocobos.

How do you get AP egg Ffx 2?

There are only two ways to get an AP Egg; it is a prize in Bliztball, and in the secret chocobo dungeon in chapter 5 (you need to talk to clasko in earlier chapter to be able to unlock it).

Do growth eggs stack ff6?

No, Growth Eggs do not stack.

How do I make it night in Bravely Default?

So you can just leave the game on for a minute or two (the days pass pretty quickly in Luxendarc) and voilá – you have your night.