What Is The Root Word Of Entertainment?

Where does entertainment come from?

Where Did the Word “Entertainment” Come From.

The word “entertain” comes from the Medieval Latin intertenere, which means to “hold inside..

What does the word entertainment mean?

1a : amusement or diversion provided especially by performers hired a band to provide entertainment. b : something diverting or engaging: such as. (1) : a public performance. (2) : a usually light comic or adventure novel.

How do you say entertainment in Latin?

entertainment in LatinEnglish.entertainment. oblectatio.entertainment. voluptas.

GamingGaming is now the world’s favorite form of entertainment, as the gaming industry generated more revenue last year than TV, movies, and music did. While other forms of entertainment are experiencing declines – TV revenue fell by 8% last year – the gaming sector’s sales are increasing at an annual rate of 10.7%.

Do humans need entertainment?

Normal life can be stressful, and people need to relax. Being entertained by others is a wonderful way to take some time out of life. It can reduce stress and make life’s issues easier to face. Even just a few hours can make a big difference.

Why is it important to have entertainment?

Good entertainment helps guests have fun. When guests have fun, they engage better with others and learn more. The energy of the event increases and the mood becomes a very positive one. … Carefully selecting entertainment is important.

Is listening to music entertainment?

According to Nielsen’s third annual Music 360 report on consumer tastes and habits, music is the top form of entertainment for Americans. … However, while music is often chosen as a background activity, the majority of those surveyed also said they actively listen to music.

How do you entertain someone?

Check out these five awesome ways to bring some life into your audiences – maybe one will work for you as you plan future events!Bring in a Hook. … Add in Some Funk. … Make Them Curious. … Be a Revolutionary. … Make Them Dance. … In Conclusion.

What’s a shorter word for entertainment?

What is another word for entertainment?funpleasuredistractiondiversionamusementrelaxationdivertissementenjoymentleisureplay193 more rows

What is another word for entertainment?


What does entertainment value mean?

: the ability to be entertaining Few sports have greater entertainment value than figure skating.

What’s the opposite of entertainment?

What are the antonyms for ENTERTAINMENT? melancholy, want, labor, profession, bore, sadness, need, depression, downer, drag, task, chore, lassitude, killjoy, work, bummer, toil, seriousness, dissatisfaction, fatigue, pain, unhappiness, vocation, drudgery, misery, ennui, gloom, sorrow, weariness.

What are examples of entertainment?

Contents4.1 Banquets.4.2 Music.4.3 Games.4.4 Literature.4.5 Comedy.4.6 Performance. 4.6.1 Storytelling. 4.6.2 Theatre. 4.6.3 Cinema and film. 4.6.4 Dance. 4.6.5 Animals. 4.6.6 Circus. 4.6.7 Magic. 4.6.8 Street performance. 4.6.9 Parades. 4.6.10 Fireworks.4.7 Sport.4.8 Fairs, expositions, shopping.